Thermodynamic solar panels

Thermodynamic Solar Panels are perfect for the UK climate for one simple reason. A single thermodynamic solar panel application can offer a family of 6 people 100% of it’s hot water every single day of the year.

Normally located on the roof (but can also be wall mounted), the thermodynamic solar panel uses all weather conditions to vaporise a very cold inert refrigerant gas that flows through the panel. This gas will vaporise at -26.3°C, and then pass down to a very small compressor located near your water cylinder. The gas will vaporise and create heat which then transfers to your hot water via a heat exchanger.

The systems come in a number of different specifications. The small compressor unit can be located on front of the unit, on top of it, or even remote from it if space constraints are in place.

There is consistency in the panels however, and one panel will ordinarily suit for normal hot water production for up to 6 people living full time in a house.

What this means, is that come hail, rain, wind, or shine, you can produce 100% of your hot water from one small panel.

thermodynamic solar Panels

Some key benefits

  • Only one small panel normally required
  • Reliable hot water every day of the year
  • Designed for the UK climate
  • Panel can be located south, east, or west facing
  • Cheaper overall running costs than other systems

The truth about thermodynamics

A lot has been said about thermodynamic solar panels over the years. A lot of this has been good, and some has been bad.
Like any technology, there are good brands, bad brands, cheap and expensive products. Below are some of the facts laid bare.

Is it really solar?

The Energie Thermodynamic Solar Panel contains a Solar Keymark which qualifies it as a solar panel. It does however utilise heat-pump technology also. The reality is that in a country like Ireland, where we cannot guaranty sunshine, this product offers lower overall running costs than other solar products with better guaranteed performance. What you are guaranteed is hot water all year round. You are also guaranteed to have a better performing system if the sun is shining.

Are Thermodynamic Solar Panels new?

Energie have been manufacturing this technology for over 30 years, continually improving the product. Whilst there may be some other options, nothing compares to the original and best. LVP have installed in excess of 3000 of these systems throughout Ireland and the UK over the last 11 years and have had very few issues with the systems. Whilst nothing is infallible, it is most important to understand the importance of having properly qualified engineers to fit this product.

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