Renewable Hot Water Birmingham

If you are in need of a company that offers products in renewable hot water in Birmingham, then Energie is the company you need to get in touch with today. We are a Portuguese owned company with over 30 years of experience in the energy sector. We were first established in 1981 and have since provided renewable energy solutions to hundreds of homes and commercial buildings. Just get in touch with us today to arrange a consultation at your earliest convenience.

If you are looking for renewable hot water in Birmingham, you will be happy to know that we have various products for you to choose from. We have spent many years developing our products, and over the last 30 years we have grown to be a popular company across 40 different countries. Our team has grown into a large group of dedicated engineers who have overseen the installation of over 3,000 thermodynamic solar panels across many different projects; both small and large in scale.

All of our renewable hot water products in Birmingham are installed by qualified engineers who have a wealth of experience in the trade. If you want a fully comprehensive service that you can rely on, with Energie you will receive just that and can rest assured knowing that your entire system has been installed thoroughly and can be relied on all year round. When working on your energy system, we will maintain a tidy and safe environment at all times and will keep you informed as to our progress to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Here at Energie, we have a range of products to choose from which are suitable for supplying you with energy to use in the home and for supplying you with hot water in both domestic and commercial settings. Our hot water systems work similarly to the thermodynamic panel and takes the air temperature to vaporise and compress gas, thus creating heat which is transferred to the hot water.
To enquire with Energie about our renewable hot water solutions in Birmingham, please give us a call today on 0203 3688159. A member of our excellent customer service team will be more than happy to answer any questions or queries you may have. Alternatively, send us an email with your contact details and any questions you may have to [email protected] and we will reply within 24 hours of your query being made.

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