Large Volume Hot Water

The Energie thermodynamic system has long been used to provide large volumes of hot water in a variety of different commercial applications.

Depending upon the hot water requirements, any number of panels and cylinder size can be installed to ensure ample amounts of hot water for your requirements through the use of thermodynamic solar panels.

From a 1000L cylinder and 6 solar panels to a 6000L setup and 40 solar panels, any number of cylinders and panels can be used to ensure an adequate provision of hot water for your project.

Benefitting from the benefits of a heat-pump with the added benefit of have a solar element to it, this is a fantastic solution to meeting large volume hot water requirements.

Thermodynamic Solar Panels have long been used in Sports Clubs, Nursing Homes, Glamping Sites, Factories to name but a few applications to provide 100% hot water 365 days of the year.

Running cost

As there is such a range of sizes and applications with this, running cost is impossible to predict. Please get in touch with us so that we can evaluate your particular project

Space requirements

It is better to get in touch with us to ascertain how many panels and what size cylinder you will require. This will allow us determine the space requirements.

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