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Founded in 1981, the Portuguese owned company Energie Est Ltd. has been manufacturing thermodynamic hot water solutions for over 30 years. In that time it has earned its place both nationally and internationally as a market leader in the manufacture of solar energy.

Referred to most commonly now as a solar assisted heat pump, Energie manufacture and distribute the product worldwide to in excess of 40 countries.

LVP Renewables Ltd have been installing and distributing the thermodynamic technology throughout the island of Ireland since 2007. We have a strong team of engineers that have overseen the installation of more than 3000 thermodynamic solar panels.

In 2017, the business was expanded into the UK with the continued support of Energie.

LVP have surrounded themselves with some top renewable energy companies in the UK to ensure we can provide a competitive solution to the homeowner whilst not sacrificing the quality or excellent customer service that we have become renowned for in Ireland. The reliability and efficiency demonstrated over the years have made LVP Renewables into a sound company with a product of recognised quality and robustness, along with customer service second to none. The thermodynamic products hold EN16147 certification, are MCS accredited and are listed on the SAP register.

LVP has evolved over 40 years to become the successful renewable energy company it is today

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